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How to Address Residential and Commercial Flood Damage Effectively

7/27/2017 (Permalink)

How to Address Residential and Commercial Flood Damage Effectively

Water damage is one of the most potentially serious problems that a property owner can face. Even small amounts of water damage can lead to serious repercussions, such as out-of-control mold growth or structural compromise. When dealing with a potential flood damage situation, it is absolutely crucial that a professional restoration company be called in to begin the restoration of the flooded home and make sure that appropriate steps are taken in the mitigation of any water damage.

The flood damage restoration and mitigation process

Over the years, a well-established protocol for the restoration and mitigation of water damage has taken hold. This is a proven and effective means of mitigation of flood damage, such as that resulting from a pipe break, supply line break or other cause of a flooded home.

Generally speaking, the restoration process follows five steps, each of crucial importance. In the rest of this article, we'll take a look at the water cleanup process and what steps are involved in dealing with potential flood damage.

Any time a property owner notices water in home or water in a business, they should immediately call their local professional restoration company. Time is of the essence. If the restoration company can begin the water cleanup process within the first five hours of the appearance of water in the home or water in the business, the chances of a total restoral of the property to its prior condition are nearly 100 percent. On the other hand, waiting more than 24 hours will cause the chances of permanent damage to rise, with every passing hour.

The water cleanup team will arrive, probably within less than an hour. They will begin assessing the extent of water in the home or water in the business. Through the use of advanced detection devices, they will be able to see if there is water in the home or water in the business that has seeped into spots not visible to the naked eye. If there is an active pipe break or supply line break, the flow of water will be stanched, and the pipe break or supply line break will be closed, with a welder, if necessary.

The next step is the wholesale removal of water. Using high-powered pumps and specialized vacuum equipment, all standing water will be removed from the property. By the time the cleanup team is done, there will be no visible water left.

Next, the flooded home will begin undergoing the drying process. This involves the use of industrial-strength drying equipment, similar to that used in large car washes. The team will also deploy powerful dehumidifiers, which are capable of removing thousands of pounds of moisture from the atmosphere, each hour.

At this point, with the drying process complete, there will be no further risk to the property, assuming the root causes of the supply line break, pipe break or other source of flooding have been properly addressed.

After the property has been dried, any items that were removed from the premises will be thoroughly cleaned. Using a process similar to dry cleaning, special chemicals will be deployed that are capable of cleaning and restoring such items as photos, books and furniture. The cleanup team will also use special sanitization products, which are capable of eliminating any nascent mildew or mold growths as well as eliminating unpleasant smells that often result from the water logging of materials, even after they have been completely dried out.

Now the cleanup process will be complete. The property will be completely restored to its prior condition, and the entire process will usually have taken no more than 24 hours, from phone call to the team leaving for the last time.
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Entrust Fire Damage Restoration Professionals

7/27/2017 (Permalink)

Entrust Fire Damage Restoration Professionals

A fire in home or fire in business leaves devastation and despair amidst the soot damage, smoke smell, board up doors and windows, and half-charred leftovers of the belongings you cherished most. After the firefighters have extinguished the flames and the whirlwind is over, it seems you're finally ready to assess the fire damage and begin fire cleanup. But, it isn't that easy. The smoke smell and smoke damage are dangerous. Smoke damage may also linger, resulting in a fire re-igniting at any time. Never return to property that has board up or until you've been given the green light to re-enter by fire personnel.

Once you've been given the okay to return to the property to assess the fire damage, do not panic. Fire damage leaves constant reminders of the devastation and loss you've incurred, but a restoration company minimizes the damage and brings a bit of hope into the situation Whether it is a fire in business or a fire in home, a professional restoration company makes the facility complete once again, removing any traces of a fire. They'll alleviate the smoke smell, soot damage, smoke damage, and water damage, too.

Although it is tempting to begin a fire cleanup on your own, avoiding such a decision is beneficial for many reasons. A fire is dangerous, and oftentimes deadly. The fire can re-ignite at any time with something as simple as strong gust of wind causing the trouble. The smoke smell can leave you in the back of an ambulance, and the psychological turmoil may simply be too much to handle during an already difficult time in your life. The quicker you call a restoration company; the sooner fire damage restoration can begin.

A fire damage restoration company works quickly to get your unit back in working condition after a fire in business or a fire in home. The restoration company offers a plethora of services that remove all traces of a fire so you can move on the best that you can. A commercial fire damage company is available for cleanup of a business. You choose the services you want and need for commercial fire damage or residential cleanup.

Leaving the fire cleanup process to the pros offers benefits including:

- Peace of mind and confidence that all dangers of fire damage are removed

- Safety and security -Professionals are equipped with the tools and equipment needed to complete fire damage restoration safely and easily

- Save time and get your place back quicker after a fire in home or fire in business

- Prevent further damage from occurring

- Remove soot damage and smoke damage, as well as the smoke smell

- Commercial fire damage experts provide cleanup for businesses of all sizes, including warehouses and offices

- Trained and certified fire damage restoration experts

When you hire a commercial fire damage or residential fire damage company for cleanup of our property, trained professionals come to the area to evaluate the damage. Fire cleanup technicians then begin removing board up, ash residue, and soot damage. They'll also look for any items that are salvageable and toss anything that is not. The professionals will remove the smoke smell from the property and deodorize areas that need it the most. A board up may occur again after this treatment to prevent any additional contamination.

When you've experienced the devastation of a fire, do not try to handle the cleanup process alone. Trained professionals are at your service with the tools and equipment necessary to thoroughly clean your facility so you can get back to the life that you love. Do not go it alone when the pros are only one call away.
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Engage the Experts for a Professional Mold Removal Process

7/27/2017 (Permalink)

Engage the Experts for a Professional Mold Removal Process

Mold is part of the natural co-existence in the environment and can thrive indoors and outdoors. In fact, it's not a problem until it starts growing indoors as that results in mold damage. Mold growth can take place on any organic substance as long as it has moisture and oxygen. As such, homeowners are likely to find mold on wood, carpets, and food. Big mold infestations occur where the sources of moisture remain undiscovered. Additionally, the mildew is evident in darkened grout lines in the shower, decks, and drywall. Dry rot and smelly odor also indicate mold growth behind wall. With the increasing awareness about the health and other effects of indoor exposure to mildew, homeowners seek various mold remediation and mitigation techniques. The next discussion highlights steps a restoration and a commercial mold damage removal company follows:

Assess the Extent of Mold Growth and its Cause

Mildew is the most visible mold species that starts off as tiny dark spots that sprout to large colonies. It is the result of mold growth behind wall or the dry rot on moist deck boards and painted siding. Most people mistake it for a dirty surface. During mold inspection, the commercial mold damage professional identifies the source of dampness that is causing mold in home. He also assesses the extent of growth, damage, manifestations of invisible mold, unusual smelly odor, and mitigation procedures to prevent reoccurrence. This way, he develops a work plan for the mold removal process.

Determine the Type of Mold Infestation

The restoration company professional then collects samples of the fungus and performs air quality tests, which he sends to an accredited laboratory to determine its species. There are different types of mold; Cladosporium, Aspergillus, and the Stachybotrysatra that is also known as the black mold (the most dangerous kind). The Aspergillus fungus is the most common mold in home as it is found in air conditioning systems and foods. Cladosporium is the mold growth behind wall, toilets and fiberglass air ducts, and the dry rot on wooden surfaces. The Stachybotrys chart arum occurs as a black slimy substance and is the most toxic kind. A report provided by the laboratory identifies the type of mold and helps the professional determine a cost-effective technique to resolve the mildew problem.

Scope of Mold Damage

The expert determines the extent of mold growth, mold damage, the sources, the appropriate remediation process, and safety protocols required for a successful mold removal.

Decontamination and Containment of Mold Damage

The restoration company professional closes off the area and monitors it regularly to avoid cross contamination of the fungus to other rooms of the home. Experts estimate a replication of the spores from 10-100 times during the remediation process.

The Mold Removal Process

Once the containment area is set up and the necessary negative pressure level achieved, the removal process begins. All damaged surfaces like the drywall, carpet, or other porous materials are removed and disposed of. Semi-porous and non-porous materials can be cleaned up and disinfected. Mold growth behind wall and surfaces that have dry rot or black mold are sealed with plastic sheathing before removal to avoid cross contamination.


Black mold contamination creates a smelly odor. Commercial mold damage removal professionals use carbon filters to assist in deodorization during the remediation process. They may also use specialized cleaning solutions and air cleaners in the deodorization procedure to ensure there is no reoccurrence of smelly odor in the future.

Cleaning and Vacuuming

Unlike DIY removal and mitigation projects that advocate for the use of bleach for black mold removal, commercial mold damage techniques involve the use of anti-microbial treatments on hard areas and HEPA vacuuming on porous materials. The restoration company experts then perform deodorization and air purification to rid of mold spores and mycotoxins, using accredited DOP tested HEPA air cleaning equipment. No traces of black mold can be found after such procedures.

Post Mold Remediation Process

A mold restoration company conducts a post remediation check to ensure there is no mold in home and recommend appropriate mold mitigation procedures. The environment has natural fungus that may invade a residential property and cause mold growth. A clearance investigation involves a visual inspection using specialized equipment, full range surface sampling, and air quality checks.
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How Does SERVPRO Handle Infectious Waste In Water After Flood Damage In Chattanooga?

6/20/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage How Does SERVPRO Handle Infectious Waste In Water After Flood Damage In Chattanooga? SERVPRO Saves Your Flood Damaged Chattanooga Property

Groundwater Flooding from Storms Require Safety Protocols for Safe Removal

There are many things to consider following a flood, and in situations where the flood in question has affected your home, it is only natural to feel stressed out and maybe even a little scared. Water damages all kinds of materials, and you may be facing everything from waterlogged furniture to structural damage to drywall, floors or ceilings. SERVPRO understands that a flood is very stressful and you want to get it dealt with as quickly as possible. That is why We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.
There are some situations where flood damage to your Chattanooga home carries with it a risk of infectious waste being present. Flooding that comes from outside of the home or from a sewer are examples of situations where infectious waste is a potential problem. Rising streams and chemicals from fields often contain debris and chemically hazardous elements. Flood water brings with it the risk of contamination with such diseases as cholera, typhus, tetanus, and polio. Sewage and some other water might contain waste or body fluids.
It is quite a frightening thought to realize that such water could contaminate your home. That is why SERVPRO teams work quickly and efficiently to deal with the situation as soon as possible. Our teams are fully trained to deal with potentially dangerous water. Every technician is IICRC-certified, and we always adhere to OSHA and EPA guidelines for handling any flood situation. We handle waste water per local state guidelines. 
Every member of our team who might come into contact with contaminated water is vaccinated, and we never let workers into an area if they have cuts or skin abrasions. Also, we provide each person with full personal protective equipment PPE, including a full body suit and a respirator.
We train our people to prioritize containment and sanitation. We set up containment to prevent the spread of infectious material, and we also set up clean areas that are free of contamination for the storage of uncontaminated clothes and equipment. We treat all waste material and exposed surfaces with an EPA-registered disinfectant. We also thoroughly sanitize all equipment after each use.
Rely on SERVPRO of East Chattanooga to handle even dangerous waste professionally and with the utmost concern for your safety. Call us at (423) 326-1406 for assistance.

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Fire Damage Restoration Services That Help Make Your Ooltewah House A Home

6/19/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Fire Damage Restoration Services That Help Make Your Ooltewah House A Home Ooltewah Furnishings and SERVPRO's Fire Damage Restoration Are a "Match"

SERVPRO Restores Furnishings and Structural Elements After a Fire

Did you know that smoke and soot causes far more damage than the actual fire? By penetrating additional rooms smoke and soot residues cause significant damage to paint, carpeting, upholstery, fabrics, clothing, and many other contents found in your home.
It takes a professional touch to get fire damage under control in your Ooltewah home. Putting out the flames is only the beginning, a thorough cleaning, deodorization, and redecoration can turn your house back into a home. However, there are more than a few simple steps before this goal becomes attainable.
A team of qualified fire damage restoration technicians from SERVPRO can help protect you and your family from general hazards that exist after a blaze occurs on your property. Using different types of advanced cleaning techniques, our technicians provide solutions to a variety of problems that happen during a fire.  
It is important to keep in mind that not all furniture restorations are possible, the extent of damage may be permanent. Furniture directly affected by flames or heat can melt and turn items into a hot mess on your floor. However, often enough, the burns are not that severe, which gives technicians a chance to sand and refinish your furniture, allowing you to keep many items you may have otherwise discarded as trash.
We start with properly ventilating the area, or moving items to a clean, safe area beyond the range of exposure. We use multiple cleaning, and deodorization techniques to stop damage causing residues in their tracks. Everything from chemical treatments, solvents, wet, and dry procedures help produce different results on a variety of items. SERVPRO technicians treat each item individually, in an attempt to produce the best results possible.  
SERVPRO uses vaporizers, foggers, humidifiers, and air moving equipment, reassessing an items condition after each phase of treatment. We slowly but surely produce quality results that often exceed any expectations you might have had.
Contact SERVPRO of East Chattanooga for access to expertly trained IICRC certified fire damage restoration technicians, today. Give us the opportunity to answer your call. (423) 326-1406

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Chattanooga Blood Cleanup Done Right

6/7/2017 (Permalink)

Biohazard Chattanooga Blood Cleanup Done Right Cleanup of Blood Stains in Chattanooga Done with Empathy and Care

SERVPRO Understands Cleaning Up Blood Carries Certain Procedures

A blood spill of any type is considered a biohazard. The personal nature of such a spill makes it more difficult for the homeowner or renter as well as the restoration company called in to remediate it. It is not enough to just spray down the contaminated area and then wipe it up.

Blood cleanup in Chattanooga needs a full-service agency. The company you choose must be trained in not just EPA and state cleaning procedures but recognizes the personal component as well. SERVPRO technicians understand that there was a situation which led to this and they must respect not only the residents but the person or persons who are no longer present.

Removing blood stains and congealed, pooled blood requires special cleaning agents designed to neutralize pathogens. Examples include HIV, Hepatitis A, B, and C along with other infectious diseases not found in other biohazards. To accomplish this, we use one or more of the anti-bacterial agents in our chemical inventory.

In addition to the pathogen threat, conventional cleaning agents do not always react well with blood or other bodily fluids. Even if they do successfully clean the surface of floors or walls, there is usually a stain or ring left to indicate where the spill occurred. A remainder like these does not meet our standard of cleaning, and if there is a stain after we finish cleaning, we often recommend repainting if possible or removing and replacing the affected section of drywall, floor or ceiling.

No matter the cause of the spill, we understand that it is a personal matter. None of our technicians ask for details past what we need to clean and restore your home to its original state. We want to make certain that no one on our team accidentally says something to the press or your neighbors.

Clean up after any biohazard is hard. When it involves a personal issue, the requirement for discretion is almost as important as cleaning up the affected area itself. SERVPRO of East Chattanooga wants to help in any way we can as we return your home to its normal condition. If you need us, call today at (423) 326-1406.

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Water Removal in Chattanooga

5/22/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Removal in Chattanooga Our SERVPRO techs also keep an eye on the drying process each day, moving drying equipment around if we need to do so for optimal drying.

Chattanooga Water Removal Services 

Water damage can be sudden and devastating, whether it is a burst pipe or a storm. When it does happen, you need the water removed from your home as fast as possible before mold can begin to grow, leading to more problems for you. Water damage restoration and cleaning is not something you want to try doing yourself. A wet vacuum does not get the job done right.

Water removal from your Chattanooga home involves getting rid of most of the water. When you hire our professionals at SERVPRO, we perform a thorough water extraction, reducing the drying time to prevent secondary water damage and mold. We use powerful truck-mounted vacuums and pumps to take out thousands of gallons of water quickly.

If it is needed, carpeting and padding can be removed from your home so it can be properly dried. Drying and dehumidifying equipment are used to dry the areas affected and get the humidity levels in your home back to normal. Special instruments are used to find any hidden pockets of water as well.

Our SERVPRO techs also keep an eye on the drying process each day, moving drying equipment around if we need to do so for optimal drying. Once everything is dry again, we place everything back where it belongs. We also work directly with your insurance company to help process the insurance claim, so you have less to worry about.

Before we get to your home, you can do some things to help stop further damage. If possible, you should first stop the water at its source. Turn off the electricity to the area if you can safely do so and remove small electrical appliances where there is excess water. Try not to walk on any wet carpeting, and take out small furnishings or put aluminum foil under the legs to prevent permanent stains such as rust.

Hanging curtains and draperies is also a good idea to avoid them touching wet flooring. Also, remove any breakables and moisture-sensitive items if possible. Avoid turning on any heating, air conditioning, or fans since they can spread contaminants around if they are present.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

SERVPRO of East Chattanooga works fast to restore your home back to normal. They are only a phone call away at (423) 326-1406, so act quickly after any water damage loss.

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Cleaning And Sanitizing Furniture After Fire Damage In Your Chattanooga Home

5/18/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Cleaning And Sanitizing Furniture After Fire Damage In Your Chattanooga Home No matter the size or severity of a fire, it is important to get repairs started quickly.

Cleaning And Sanitizing Furniture After Fire Damage

No matter the size or severity of a fire, it is important to get repairs started quickly. Soot is very acidic and, if left long enough, it starts to eat away at different materials in the home. Fabrics are particularly vulnerable, and furniture requires cleaning as soon as possible.

At SERVPRO, we use the finest tools and techniques to repair fire damage inside Chattanooga properties. We are very cautious when handling furniture because movement can cause soot residues to penetrate deeper into porous fabrics.

Why Is Smoke A Big Problem?
Smoke poses a challenge for fire damage restorers because it is a very resilient substance. It is made up of tiny particles of less than ten microns in diameter. It means that the only way to completely remove it from fabrics is to formulate smoke neutralizing chemicals with these same dimensions and consistency. Contact with human skin intensifies the acidic film it deposits on surfaces. For this reason, the SERVPRO technicians use nitrile gloves to prevent further damage.

Is It Possible To Clean Furniture?
The primary challenge, when it comes to cleaning smoke damaged furniture, is the presence of soot. This substance can be extremely stubborn and causes stains if the right cleaning chemicals do not get applied. Dry cleaning sponges are suitable for clearing loose residues and any powdery films on surfaces.

Once the dry soot is gone, the furniture gets sanitized with powerful cleaning agents. They help to prevent further discoloration and deterioration. The final stage is to apply a HEPA vacuum for collecting leftover soft particles. It is likely that the chair pads and any removable pieces of fabric require separate cleaning.

Does This Fix The Smoky Odors Too?
SERVPRO uses a potent oxidizing chemical (like ozone) to get rid of the smoky odors which develop after a fire. If we do not perform a deodorization procedure, the smells can become permanently trapped in the fabric. Ozone is a gas which hooks itself to the odor emitting particles and actively transforms them into particles which are incapable of producing odor.

If you work with SERVPRO of East Chattanooga, you get to benefit from our links to a wide variety of furniture restorers and upholsterers. Together, we can make sure that your home bounces back from fire damage. Call us 24/7 at (423) 326-1406.

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Water Damage Restoration and Tips for Collegedale Properties

5/17/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Damage Restoration and Tips for Collegedale Properties Collegedale Water Damage to Homes and Businesses Get Help from SERVPRO

SERVPRO Is the Answer for Water Damaging Cleanup and Restoration

Water in a business or in a home can cause serious damage to property. This situation becomes far worse considering that the moisture creates a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and mold. This circumstance exposes the individuals to possible environmental issues.

The restoration or water cleanup process in Collegedale borders around drying the housing unit, decontamination, and repairing of damaged elements. A quick response when there is a case of water or flood damage is crucial for the mitigation of losses that would otherwise follow. Here are a few steps to that take place during the restoration procedure.

1) Contact the Emergency Line
Making a call to the emergency operators is recommended as the first and crucial step to ensure that lives are saved, and there is a mitigation measure against further loss of property. Details of the location and the status of the scene are crucial in ensuring an efficient restoration process.

2) Inspection and the Analysis of the Water in a Home or a Business
A professional assessment of the magnitude of the water damage in your business or home is crucial in determining the class as well as the category of destruction. Classes of water damage refer to the gravity of the water absorbed in the various parts of the structure including the extent of the damage to the exterior. The categories define the after effects on the clean water systems and the sewer systems. This information is vital in establishing the best solution to restore the property back to its original state.

3) Water Removal for a Residential or Commercial Building
The professionals then extract the water to ensure there is mitigation of secondary water damage. The removal process involves the use of high-powered suction pumps and vacuums. The possibilities of bacterial and fungal growth are reduced thanks to the rapid water cleanup, and this helps in preventing an outbreak of diseases.

4) Drying
In light of the main aim of restoration, the drying process is meant to reduce all moisture levels in the house to preloss conditions. Drying can take several weeks to be completed and once done, the dehumidification process begins. Scientific methods have been recognized to the less invasive methods adopted in today’s drying measures.

5) Cleaning
The water cleanup service involves washing the clothes, furniture, and other personal belongings. For the business situation, the cleaning would be more demanding because most of the items in the office are electronic equipment and files. Once completed, the SERVPRO professionals begin sanitizing the home or business items.

6) Restoration
The final step deals with rebuilding the home or the business back to its original condition before the flood damage. Here the walls are replaced along with new insulation. The amount of repair and replacement is contingent upon the severity of the flood damage.

Common Water Damage Causes
When water damage is mentioned, the first idea that pops up is flooding or any destruction caused by a hurricane or storm. There is no dispute that these are considered as the main reasons. However, there could be damage that results from a leaky roof from melted snow, a damaged garbage disposal pipe or condensation from an air conditioner.

Addressing the Water in Home or Water in Business Damage
Ignoring a leak no matter how small it is, could cost you a larger amount of money to fix down the line. It is advisable to seek professional assistance as soon as possible to avoid the losses experienced as a result of the catastrophe. SERVPRO offers qualified ASD, applied drying technicians, to accomplish these undertakings.

Safety Tips
Whenever there is a water hazard, the primary concern of all concerned ought to be safety and mitigation. The risks posed include a slip and fall situation, or electrocution and as such, fatal incidences may occur. All affected parties should evacuate the premises and leave all items on the premises. Use of any electrical appliances is not a good move, and any missions to fix wet or sagging ceilings should be aborted.

When your residence or place of business is in need of water damage restoration, rely on the services of SERVPRO of East Chattanooga. (423) 326-1406

Home And Commercial Fire Damage Restoration in Chattanooga Should Be Left To Professionals

5/17/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Home And Commercial Fire Damage Restoration in Chattanooga Should Be Left To Professionals Chattanooga Commercial Fire Damage Relies on SERVPRO for Restoration and Cleanup

SERVPRO Provides Remediation and Repair for Damaging Fire Events

Dealing with fire damage can be stressful. What can be even more distasteful is when the fire damage was caused by someone who lives next door.

Duplex, Townhouses, Villas and Fire Damage in Chattanooga
Taking all the precautionary steps possible to protect a home from catching fire displays extreme care on the part of the owner. Unfortunately, the homeowner cannot be responsible for how his or her neighbor behaves. Common walled structures can lead to a migration of the inferno from one home to the other.

If the next door home's fire is extinguished in time, then the fire and smoke damage to the adjoining house may be minimal. Fast results do not mean fire damage restoration work is not required. Even a mild amount of fire, smoke, and soot damage must be addressed through immediate fire cleanup work.

The Unsafe Situation
Upon waking up in the middle of the night to a smell of smoke, panic sinks in. When a resident discovers the odor is emanating from the adjoining home, he may experience a brief moment of relief. The trouble is that the smoke odor is going to remain in the home until smoke removal is done by a professional team like that from SERVPRO.

Smoke damage not only affects furniture and walls creating aesthetic issues, but health hazard can result from the circulating particulates.

Moreover, there may be concerns related to the roof of the property. Even though the fire department may have cut through the neighbor's roof to flood water into the inflamed interior, the water may have impacted the adjoining wood between the two homes. Water damage in the walls is possible as well.

The Business Connection
Fire in home properties is not exclusive to this type of damage. Fire in business locations could occur as well. Businesses may be next door to one another in a series of adjoining properties on a block or a shopping strip center. Fire in business scenarios might be more likely than what would be the case in a home. An old building with faulty wiring or one that works with hazardous materials could create commercial fire damage. Fire damage could disrupt business activity, ruining the proprietor's ability to generate a cash flow. If the commercial fire damage is not too severe, fire cleanup by SERVPRO Fire & Smoke Restoration Technicians can be done to reduce downtime for the enterprise. Similarly, fire in home problems should be fixed quickly to make a property livable.

No Time for Amateurs
Those who think they can perform fire cleanup work on their own are typically mistaken. Fire damaged homes, and business structures require a thorough inspection by a professional who can assess the damage and then perform an appropriate fix. Fire damage could be more extensive than realized. The fire cleanup work may be far more involved than thought. It generally is.

Smoke damage and soot damage are not exactly easy to address without the right equipment. With an action plan in place, IICRC certified SERVPRO technicians can discard non-salvageable burnt elements, set up ozone machines and hydroxyl generators to help purify the noxious air thereby restoring a semblance of acceptable indoor air quality. This is needed for the safety of the workers, and the residents if they remain in the fire-damaged structure.

Insurance and Fire Damage Restoration Work
A homeowner's insurance policy could cover losses related to fire damage restoration. A business general insurance policy may have provisions to cover commercial fire damage. When an insurance company is covering the costs, there is no reason not to bring in a professional crew to handle the vital task of restoring a property back to its original and safe condition.

SERVPRO of East Chattanooga can deal directly with your insurance carrier to lessen your burden even as we restore your fire damaged property. Pick up the phone and call (423) 326-1406.