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Great Ideas for Getting Rid of Mold Odor

5/16/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Great Ideas for Getting Rid of Mold Odor Give SERVPRO a call if you notice mold in your home.

Mold odor is one of the worst smells imaginable. It’s at once musty and wet, sour and dry, and it can prompt the urge to sneeze or be ill. The dank, terrible smell is clinging and pervasive, and once it’s soaked into something it seems impossible to get rid of. It’s even worse when that odor gets into your hair, skin, and clothing, following you everywhere. This musty odor is caused by mycotoxin, but no matter the cause it’s important to evict mold from your Chattanooga, TN home.

Just Covering the Smell Isn’t Enough

It can be tempting to try to cover the smell with air fresheners, candles, and scented cleansers. All this does is mask the smell; it doesn’t get rid of the source. As long as you still have mold, you’re just creating a worse odor when the mycotoxin stench mixes cloyingly with the scented candles and air fresheners.

Instead, to eliminate the smell, you can use these solutions:

• Baking soda, one of the best household remedies for stenches
• Vinegar, another natural home remedy that kills mold and gets rid of smells
• Borax, a chemical cleanser and antifungal that destroys mold spores
• HEPA air filters, which not only eliminate the odors but help to remove some of the mold spores from the air

Mold Elimination Is Your Best Option

Believe it or not, there are likely millions of mold spores floating around you right now. If any one of them takes root, you could have a spreading mold problem. Your best bet to get rid of the mycotoxin stench is to get rid of the source. Professional mold remediation can kill mold odors at the source and remove much of the mold saturating your home in both spore and fungal form. Otherwise, while you may eliminate the odors, you haven’t gotten rid of the source — and as soon as the mold comes back, so will the smell. Visit for more information on mold. 

What Type of Smoke Alarm Is Best for My Home?

5/11/2018 (Permalink)

There are few more frightening experiences than a house fire. While this is the last event Chattanooga, TN residents likely want to think about, it is nevertheless a vital consideration. Protecting your home and the lives of everyone in the household is top priority, so look to the following different types of equipment to choose the best smoke alarm for your home.

While some fire alarms pick up heat, the effectiveness of these models can pale in comparison to a smoke detector. There are three basic types of such detectors to choose between:

1. Ionization Alarms

An ionized detector is generally cheaper than other types of alarms. These alarms use miniscule amounts of radioactive material to ionize the air in a small chamber in the device, allowing the air to carry an electric charge. When smoke passes through this chamber, it causes a disruption in this electrical current, which then sets off the alarm.

2. Photoelectric Alarms

According to most smoke alarm experts, photoelectric alarms have a smaller chance of making false alarms than their ionization counterparts. This type of fire safety device uses a light beam and a photoelectric sensor to detect smoke. While ionized alarms are usually better for spotting fast fires, photoelectric alarms typically best detect smoldering fires.

3. Smart Alarms

Most smart alarms use photoelectric sensors, and some even have a split-spectrum sensor for greater accuracy. Although identical to non-smart detectors in terms of basic function, a smart detector has more customized options and can send alerts directly to phones and tablets.

If you're like most homeowners in Chattanooga, TN you've probably wondered which device is best for your space. Whether you're well-versed in the world of smoke detectors or are just getting started, expanding your knowledge on product options is never a bad idea. Once you've chosen the proper spots in your home for a smoke alarm, you can install the right ones to protect your living space.
Visit for more information on fire damage. 

4 Ways To Prevent Mold in Your Vacant Rental Property

4/30/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation 4 Ways To Prevent Mold in Your Vacant Rental Property During summer months, mold prevention becomes more difficult because hot, humid weather creates the perfect conditions for mold.

In an ideal world, your rental property always has tenants. In the real world, however, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes a property will remain vacant for weeks or even months, and an empty property is at risk for developing mold growth. In general, this fungus is relatively harmless unless it grows indoors, where it creates an unpleasant environment. Follow these mold prevention tips now so that you don’t end up paying more for a mitigation specialist in Chattanooga, TN, to perform a cleanup later.

1. Turn off the water and drain the lines.

If you expect a property to be vacant for any length of time, turn off your water using the main shut-off valve and open all the taps to allow water to drain out of the plumbing lines. Especially in the winter months when pipes can freeze and burst, turning off the water eliminates the possibility of plumbing leaks that can cause water damage. Preventing moisture from collecting anywhere is the number one key to mold prevention.

2. Do repairs first.

Before you close the property, have your contractor check for roof and outer wall leaks, clean the gutters and make sure your sump pump is in good condition. Minor repairs can turn into expensive problems later if rainwater is leaking into your building, creating the moist conditions that mold loves.

3. Leave the heat on low...

You may want to save money by shutting off utilities while the building is vacant. However, the money you may save pales in comparison to the cost of paying a mold mitigation specialist in Chattanooga, TN, to restore your property. During cool weather, keeping the heat on low keeps the house from becoming too damp and encouraging mold spores to settle and grow.

4. ... or leave the A/C running.

During summer months, mold prevention becomes more difficult because hot, humid weather creates the perfect conditions for mold. However, keeping the air conditioner running pulls moisture from the air, keeping your property’s environment cool and dry. When new tenants arrive, there won’t be any musty odors or mold problems to contend with. For more information, visit

How To Care for Your Building’s Contents After a Flood

4/29/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial How To Care for Your Building’s Contents After a Flood If you’re dealing with a flooded company, the best thing you can do for you and your employees’ safety is hire a Chattanooga, TN, remediation team.

If your building was recently flooded, it is understandable that you may want to act fast to start cleaning your contents. After all, the longer you wait to clean your items, the more money you lose. However, content cleaning a flooded company should not be taken lightly. Whether you’re dealing with a flood caused by a broken pipe or one caused by sewage backup, there are certain precautions you need to take:

• Review basic hygiene procedures.
• Invest in personal protective gear.
• Train your employees on disease prevention.
• Know when to call in the professionals.

Basic Hygiene Procedures

If you and your employees attempt to clean up the mess on your own, it’s crucial that you take precautions to protect your health. Some things you can do to clean up your flooded company include the following:

• Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water immediately after coming into contact with human waste or sewage.
• Do not touch your face, eyes, mouth or open sores while handling contaminated water.
• Remove soiled work clothes as soon as you’re done cleaning and before you do anything else or go anywhere else.
• Do not chew gum or smoke tobacco while handling sewage or human waste.
• Invest in dry cleaning to thoroughly clean contaminated clothes.

Protective Personal Gear You Need

Knowing how and when to clean your hands and clothing is not enough. You also need to know how to handle contaminated water or, more importantly, what gear you need to safely do so. Equipment you will need includes these items:

• Rubber boots and gloves
• Liquid repellent coveralls
• Goggles
• Protective face mask

Conduct the Proper Training

Though you should always rely on a professional Chattanooga, TN, water remediation team for content cleanup, it doesn’t hurt to train your workers in safe techniques and basic hygiene practices. A portion of training should focus heavily on when to seek medical attention and recognizing signs of waste-borne illnesses.

If you’re dealing with a flooded company, the best thing you can do for you and your employees’ safety is hire a Chattanooga, TN, remediation team. The professionals are properly trained and have adequate protection. For more information, visit

What Kind of Content Can Be Saved After a Flood?

4/24/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage What Kind of Content Can Be Saved After a Flood? Despite what may initially seem like a lost cause, there’s always a possibility of saving your home’s belongings in Chattanooga, TN.

There are many questions that go through your mind after a destructive flood takes hold of your Chattanooga, TN, home. However, one of the most consistent inquiries often relates to the state of your personal belongings and whether or not content cleaning can effectively save them from being removed for good. Here’s a common list of household items that often need to be removed from the home immediately, as well as others that can potentially be saved if black water hasn’t completely consumed the home.

Porous Materials

More often than not, porous materials and furnishings in your home are going to be the most affected by excess water in your living space, simply due to their absorbent nature. Belongings that are most difficult to save include the following:

? Upholstered furniture
? Carpets
? Drapes or curtains
? Saturated woodwork
? Artwork or paperwork

While there’s no definitive answer that applies to every situation, the majority of these materials can become the most densely saturated and therefore the hardest to clean and restore. However, the result depends on the extent of the water damage overall and how long it takes for you to contact professional restoration services after an event.

Nonporous Materials

Nonporous belongings, such as anything made of plastic, metal, etc., are often the best for content cleaning purposes. Such materials don’t absorb water, making them easy to simply clean off and restore in no time. Electronics or appliances can become unusable if they’re submerged for a significant amount of time, but the result depends on the severity of the water damage.

The biggest factor in determining the survival of any home furnishings is whether or not dangerous black water has come into play. This mixing of sewage and flood water can be far more difficult to clean and can lead to fewer items being salvageable, regardless of their material.

Despite what may initially seem like a lost cause, there’s always a possibility of saving your home’s belongings in Chattanooga, TN. Therefore, content cleaning should always be handled by professional restoration specialists who can do their best to save as much as possible. For more information, visit

Why Professionals Should Clean Smoke Damage From A Fire

3/30/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Why Professionals Should Clean Smoke Damage From A Fire Find a contractor local to you who has licenses and trained in restoring fire damage. Don't hire someone who just claims that they know fire cleanup

Fires are a lot more common than you might think. Something as simple as a candle that was left burning unattended could spark a fire. Because of this, fire damage can be a daunting task to have to deal with and clean on your own. In general, trying to clean fire damage on your own without proper knowledge or experience could be quite dangerous. There are many reasons why professionals should be the ones who clean the smoke and fire damage that has been caused by the flames. 

One of the most obvious reasons for having experts clean the problem for you is because they are trained and often certified to do this. Not all fire restoration companies have certifications to do the job, so you need to diligently find a contractor local to you who has licenses and training when it comes to restoring fire damage. Hiring someone who just claims that they clean up after home disasters might not yield the results that you so desperately need to keep your home healthy, clean and safe for the rest of your loved ones. 

Another reason you're going to want to hire the experts to clean up the problem for you is because trying to do it on your own can be downright dangerous. During a fire, a lot of wood is destroyed because of the heat of the flames. This could mean that once-stable floors are now soft, and you could easily fall through a floor that has experienced fire damage. If you have a large home, trying to clean it on your own can also be downright exhausting and a task that is just too much for you to accomplish without the expertise of a professional company that has done this work before dozens of times. 

You also don't want to be working in a home and cleaning it because of the strong and pungent odors that are present. When a fire happens, soot, ash and a lot of tar is released into the air. This is what often causes walls and furniture to become almost black in color. The levels of carbon monoxide in the air might also be incredibly high, making it dangerous or even fatal to be working and cleaning in the home without the right protective equipment. While hiring a company is not something that can be done for free, the amount you spend to hire them for the project is well worth it when it comes to the problems you can avoid. 

In terms of hiring a professional damage remediation company, you need to make sure that you contact them quickly and almost as soon as the fire has been put out. The sooner that the issue can be dealt with and cleaned, the sooner you can stop further fire damage from happening inside of the house. The experts will evaluate the damage and give you a quote on how much the cleanup is going to cost if you make the decision to hire them for their services.      Fires can be especially devastating to your home or business. After the fire trucks leave, your property will likely suffer from not only fire and smoke damage, but also widespread water damage and flooding from firefighting efforts. SERVPRO Chattanooga Professionals have specialized Chattanooga fire damage restoration training and experience to quickly clean up and restore your home to pre-fire condition. They also can remove the pervasive smoke odor and deep-clean soot from upholstery and carpet.   SERVPRO of Chattanooga Professionals provide fire and water damage restoration services. SERVPRO of Chattanooga proudly serves Chattanooga, Harrison, Collegedale, East Brainerd, East Ridge, and surrounding areas. We are the Fire, Water, Mold, and Cleaning Experts - available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for your emergency. 

Preparing For Severe Weather in East Chattanooga

3/30/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Preparing For Severe Weather in East Chattanooga A fast response is crucial to flooding and storm damage, because it reduces secondary damage and restoration costs.

Preparing For Severe Weather

Are you ready if East Chattanooga severe weather strikes your area tomorrow? Where you live will determine the type of storms you’re most likely to face. Follow these safety measures and general tips to help you prepare.

Preparing for a Tornado

While tornadoes can occur in any of the states, there's a reason the region from Texas to South Dakota is called Tornado Alley. East Chattanooga tornado season occurs during spring and summer.

Do the Following:

  • Follow the NOAA Weather Radio, commercial radio or TV newscasts. Obey the instructions given by local emergency officials.
  • Keep watch outside for signs of a tornado, like a dark sky, large hail, low-lying or fast-moving clouds, or roaring sounds.
  • Learn to recognize emergency alerts. The phrase "tornado watch" means a tornado is possible, while "tornado warning" means a funnel cloud has been spotted.
  • If a tornado warning is issued, immediately take shelter in the basement or storm cellar. If your home doesn’t have an underground room, hunker in an interior bathroom.

Preparing for a Thunderstorm

East Chattanooga thunderstorms are dangerous because they always produce lightning and can produce hail, strong winds, flash floods, tornadoes and wildfires. Thunderstorms can occur anywhere in the US and are most common during the summer.

Do the Following:

  • Prepare your home by shuttering windows and doors, and unplugging sensitive electronics.
  • Prepare your property by removing damaged tree branches that could fall during a storm, and bringing outdoor objects inside.
  • Watch the sky and tune in to your NOAA Weather Radio for information.
  • Learn to recognize emergency alerts. A "severe thunderstorm watch" means stormy conditions are likely to occur. A "severe thunderstorm warning" means they exist somewhere in the area.
  • If a severe thunderstorm warning is issued, danger is imminent. Seek shelter immediately. Stay in a hard-topped vehicle if there are no buildings.

Chattanooga Storm Damage Tips

3/30/2018 (Permalink)

General Tips To Prepare for Storm Damage

  • Assemble an emergency kit that consists of food, water and basic disaster supplies designed to last at least 72 hours. Put the kit together well before severe weather strikes. Keep it in an easily accessible place, so you can grab it and go if you have to evacuate.
  • Develop a family communication plan, since your family members will probably be at different places like work or school when a storm strikes. Therefore, you need to establish a way of getting in touch with each other before the storm strikes. Decide ahead of time how and where you will meet each other. Make sure everybody in the family knows everybody else's cell phone number.
  • If you live in a storm-prone area, your community may have already established evacuation routes to leave the area safely and quickly. Learn about your community's evacuation plans and routes and make sure everybody in your family knows.

Why Choose SERVPRO of East Chattanooga?

We're Faster to Any Size Disaster

A fast response is crucial to flooding and storm damage, because it reduces secondary damage and restoration costs. Storms don’t wait for regular business hours and neither do we. Our technicians will respond immediately, day or night, to help Chattanooga business owners and residents.

Learn More

 We're Highly Trained Storm Damage Specialists

As a leader in storm and water damage restoration, SERVPRO of East Chattanooga has the specialized training and expertise to restore your home back to its pre-storm condition. Our restoration process puts an emphasis on scientific drying techniques, progress monitoring and documentation.

•Water Damage Restoration Technician

•Applied Structural Drying Technicians

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We Have the Resources to Handle Storms and Disasters

We can access the resources and personnel of 1,650 Franchises to handle major storms and disasters. We also have access to special Disaster Recovery Teams strategically located throughout the country to respond to catastrophic storms and events.

The Importance of Mitigation After a Water Heater Flood

3/24/2018 (Permalink)

Floods can happen in your Chattanooga, TN home for a variety of reasons, but one you might not expect is a leaking water heater. Whether this appliance develops a steady leak or bursts all at once, it can cause considerable flooding. Taking quick action afterward by calling in a professional flood cleanup service may prevent further damage to your home and the costly repair bills that can come with it.

Immediate Safety Measures Implemented

Flood techs can inspect a failed water heater safely and prevent dangers that might cause serious harm to you and your family. The hazards may include the following:

" Scalding from hot water
" Electrocution
" Fire from shorted electrical circuits

Reducing the risk of these immediate dangers can protect everyone working to stop the flooding and give you peace of mind that your family is safe, despite the mishap.

Containment of Water

If a broken water heater bursts and causes a sudden flood, containing the water can be an important step in protecting the rest of your home. Quick mitigation may prevent water from entering rooms with carpeting or reaching electrical outlets in other rooms. This action may also provide additional protection to curious young children and pets. Flood techs may work to turn off the water first before they attempt to stop the water from spreading.

Removal of Standing Water

Even a few inches of water from a leaking water heater can cause damage to a room's walls and floor. If you store your water heater in your basement, shallow water can spread and ruin nearby stored items, such as precious handmade Christmas ornaments or boxed photos. Removing standing water quickly can prevent leaking water from causing long-term damage to your home and treasured items.

A leaking water heater in your Chattanooga, TN home can happen without warning. Acting right away by calling in flood mitigation professionals might help you prevent severe water damage and reduce the risk of danger to your family. Visit for more information on water damage. 

3 Actions You Can Take To Control Mold in Your Home

3/24/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation 3 Actions You Can Take To Control Mold in Your Home This Chattanooga home had mold behind their baseboards thinking that their home was dry.

Flooding, leaking pipes and other water damage in your Chattanooga, TN home can cause mold to grow where you may not notice. When mold is allowed to spread, it can cause significant damage to your home's wood, insulation and other building materials as well as cause a damp, unpleasant smell that may eventually permeate every room. However, there are several actions you can take to control this unwelcome intruder.

1. Have Your Plumbing Inspected

One common thing that causes mold to grow is leaky plumbing. When pipes leak in crawl spaces, under kitchen cabinets or in your basement, this can create prime conditions for mold growth. Having your pipes inspected, repaired or replaced can prevent moisture issues that invite mold to develop. Consider replacing old toilets with failing wax seals, as those failing seals can cause constant moisture at the base of the unit and encourage mold to grow.

2. Control Drainage Around Your Home

If your home suffers from poor drainage, it may be creating ideal conditions for mold to spread. Clogged gutters, leaky downspouts and rapid soil erosion may all cause water damage, especially if your basement is prone to flooding. Upgrading your drainage system and creating an erosion barrier around the perimeter of your home can prevent water from entering and contributing to the spread of mold.

3. Call for Mold Remediation

Contacting a water cleanup and mold remediation company can help you with mold prevention by having mold experts check your home for its presence. Mold often grows where you might not see it right away, so calling in professional mold technicians can ensure that it is eradicated no matter where it hides. Mold remediation can be especially important if your home recently suffered water damage, as mold can grow in affected areas as soon as 24 hours after the incident took place.

Mold can spread quickly inside your Chattanooga, TN home, especially after flooding that causes water damage. Knowing how to keep it under control and preventing the damage it causes can help you protect your home and avoid costly repairs. Visit for more information on mold.