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Devastating Attic Fire

Attic fires are very hard to detect. They are usually caused by faulty electrical lines in the attic. They deteriorate over time as well as become gnawed on by ... READ MORE

Warehouse Fire in Chattanooga, TN

Warehouse Fire in Chattanooga, TNIt was devastating to see the damage that was done when one of these speedy boats started on fire while it was being worked on.... READ MORE

Outside Fire Causes Smoke Damage in Home

Outside Fire Causes Smoke Damage in HomeThe outside of this Chattanooga, TN home had an electrical malfunction starting a fire under the deck and along the sidi... READ MORE

Chattanooga Basement With Black Mold

Chattanooga Basement With Black MoldWhen it comes to mold we don't like to take chances. The whole basement needed to have two feet cut because of a bad water h... READ MORE

Ooltewah Wall Damaged During Heavy Rains

Ooltewah Wall Damaged During Heavy RainsWhen it rains it pours as it did down the wall of this Ooltewah home. The home has an add on which housed some equipment... READ MORE

Hotel Office Flood in Collegedale, TN

Hotel Office Flood in Collegedale, TNThe office of this hotel was out of commission because of the water problem they experienced. It had flooded their offices ... READ MORE

Hurricane Harvey Flood Damage

Hurricane Harvey Flood DamageWhen Hurricane Harvey hit Texas we were very saddened by its affects. We have had floods in Chattanooga and know what the local SER... READ MORE

Commercial Machine and Equipment Cleaning

Commercial Machine and Equipment CleaningSERVPRO of East Chattanooga prides itself on cleaning damaged homes and businesses. We also take great pride in cleanin... READ MORE

Chattanooga Home with Mold Damage

Chattanooga Home with Mold DamageThis beautiful home was destroyed after a pipe had broken in a floor above. The water had moved throughout the home through the... READ MORE

School Building in Ooltewah, TN Has a Flood

School Building in Ooltewah, TN Has a FloodThere are many reasons for a flood to happen. If a building were to have a flood this situation would be the bes... READ MORE